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DubSmash infects the 'Star Trek: Beyond' Cast on Set

The cast of the latest Star Trek reboot film series, 'Star Trek: Beyond' just released some of their silliest moments on set via DubSmash.  Watch them let loose in all their collective glory.

If you haven't see Practical Folks doing Drunk Disney...you are missing out.  Here is a special edition in honor of the release of Disney's remake of Pete's Dragon.  Enjoy!

Drunk Disney special edition: Pete's Dragon, Yup!  


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We have been getting more and more FB friends joining us on our Facebook page.  We enjoy posting the latest geeky news, products we like, and videos from the depths of the web that will make you laugh, cry, and sqweeee!

Brent's Unboxing

Funko's DC Legion of Collector's Box: Suicide Squad is ready to be unveiled.  Brent sits down to show you all the goodies this box of beauty has to offer.  Click below to see the video!



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